Who am I?

Hi! ✋🏻 I’m Krishna G. Lodha, I’m a freelance GIS developer

I am a self-taught Web GIS Developer, majorly in love with Open Source technologies. When I'm not coding, I'm creating video tutorials to use these stacks. Check out YouTube or Blogs

What do I do? 💻

I design FOSS Web GIS Solutions

I help companies integrate GIS in their current business models using Open source technologies

  1. Web GIS Development
  2. Consultant
  3. Content Creator


<aside> 💡 Think for a minute! What location information does your business generate? Customer location, Product tracing, etc. Whatever it is, I can help you generate more business out of it! and the fun part, You don't need to pay anything to mapping companies


Tech Stack

🗺️ Mapping Web Stack

⚡ Geospatial Automation

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