Create Map for your site under 15 minutes

Location data is becoming integral part of lot of businesses, thus as a normal developer you should be aware of at least the basics of mapping industry.

As SEO rules the world, more often when developers do their job (i.e. google about stuff 😉 ) they will land on enterprise or closed-source projects, which I think are not required for basic mapping work at least.

In this talk, We’ll go through some core concept of mapping and Open source solutions to quickly spin up map for your next web development project.

What will you learn 👓

  • Basic GIS concept
    • How does mapping work on JS
    • What are projections
    • What are data types
  • Open source mapping solution
    • Introduction to leaflet.js
    • Add data coming from API to map
    • Add popup to map

What we expect from you 🧑🏻‍🎓

  • You should have prior knowledge of JavaScript