Hello, my name is

Krishna Lodha

Web GIS Developer

About me

I am self-taught Web GIS Developer, majorly in love with Open Source technologies. When I'm not coding, I'm creating video tutorials to use these stack. Checkout YouTube or Blogs

I design FOSS Web GIS Solutions

What I do

I help companies integrate GIS in their current business models using Open source technologies

  1. Web GIS Development
  2. Consultant
  3. Content Creator

Think for a minute! What location information does your business generate? Customer location, Product tracing, etc. Whatever it is, I can help you generate more business out of it! and the fun part, You don't need to pay anything to mapping companies

Do you know! I also create Web GIS related content? Yeah! It’s true, ask YouTube my name and it will show you. I keep sending very short non spamming emails to few people who like my work. These emails are power packs including coupons for my courses, courses that I’m taking, interesting GIS articles, etc. It is really fun! I dare you to try once.

Recent Blogs

My Recent Works


Working as a backend geospatial developer.
Technology stack: Django, Django Rest Framework, PostgreSQL, Mapbox


Working as full stack geospatial developer.
Technology stack: Django, Javascript, PostgreSQL, Openlayers

Recent Courses

GIS Dev 101

This course is designed for people who have functional Experience in GIS domain and want to learn or expand the required technical skills.


Geospatial Analysis in Python 101

This course is designed for people who wants to learn Python and it's application in Geospatial Industry.

Geospatial RDBMS

Everyday millions of data points are added/edited in databases, with each new fields coming in.

Tech Stack

Mapping Web Stack

  • Opensource
    • Openlayers
    • Leaflet.js
    • Geoserver
  • Enterprise
    • Mapbox GL JS
    • Google Maps API

Geospatial Automation

  • Geospatial Python
  • GDAL / OGR
  • QGIS Plugin Development
  • Geospatial APIs
    • Django Rest Framework
    • Fast API
    • Node-Express

Hosting Platforms

  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Digital ocean
  • C-Panel

Web Front End

  • Angular JS
  • JS ES 5
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • tailwindcss
  • HTML5
  • Ionic framework

Web Back End

  • Python
    • Django
    • Flask
    • Fast API
  • Node js
  • Laravel PHP


    • PostgreSQL-PostGIS
    • MySQL
  • No-SQL
    • Firebase
    • MongoDB
    • DynamoDB