Krishna G Lodha

Hi! ✋🏻 I’m Krishna G. Lodha, a freelance GIS developer

Who am I?

I am a self-taught Web GIS Developer, majorly in love with Open Source technologies. 

When I’m not coding, I’m creating video tutorials or writing blogs on how to use these stacks. 

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What do I do

Web Development

I help people development super stable, highly secure, scalable GIS applications using FOSS stack. I work on mobile as well as web application development .

Content creation & training

Only way to grow is to spread! I write blogs and create videos about GIS technologies. I conduct courses online/offline for companies to help developers, engineers to understand GIS

GIS Consultation

I help startups with setting up software architecture planning, chalk down sprints, mentor developers and recommend best tech stacks and practices for their Geospatial businesses logics.

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Past Experience

I take NDAs seriously. No Information about client or their data is shared without their confirmation.

Occumlabs 🇫🇷

- Working as a consultant/GIS developer with the following stack - Django | Mapbox | Mapbox Studio | GCP

BrightMinds 🇺🇸

- Geospatial Data Management application for Land Properties - Openlayers | Django | Python | PostgreSQL | Geoserver | AWS

GIZ -Nabard Geo-Web Portal 🇩🇪

Geo Web Portal designed for Nabard officials to visualise and asses data, query based on various parameters, and get calculated decisions.

Forest Decision Support System 🇮🇳

- Working as a full-stack lead developer to create Open source web GIS Application - Openlayers | Django | Python | PostgreSQL | Geoserver

Ministry of tribal affairs, GOI 🇮🇳

- Working as a full-stack lead developer to create Open source web GIS Dashboard - Openlayers | JS | Angular |

Forest Decision Support System 🇮🇳

DSS designed to understand the land condition such as rainfall, soil conditions, slopes and suggest suitable plant species

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